Parallax backgrounds as well as other background options are built directly into the Vertex Framework. Parallax causes the background image of an element to scroll at a different speed than your browser. For an example of this view the homepage of the Velocity template here and watch the background of the top_row1 area as you scroll down the page. This feature is found under "Backgrounds" tab in Vetex, where you can control the background for many areas of your website.


  • Set the scroll speed of the images
  • Set background repeat style
  • Set background image size, 100%, cover, contain, etc
  • Set custom backgrounds for all s5 rows in the framework.
  • Enable or disable parallax on a per row basis

Admin Area Of The Backgrounds Tab:

parallax menu admin

MSC Schmallenberg


 Autoslalom am 25. Mai 2014



Jugendgruppe MSC Schmallenberg


  • Clubabend am 07.05.2020 im Vereinsheim ab 18 Uhr

Sport- und Gerätehaus


Jugendgruppe MSC Schmallenberg e.V. im ADAC:
Samstag, 30. Mai, 13:30 - 17:00 Uhr
Training: Gruppe 2
MSC Schmallenberg e.V. im ADAC:
Sonntag, 7. Juni, 08:30 - Uhr
35. ADAC Automobil-Slalom [ABGESAGT]
Sonntag, 28. Juni, 09:00 - Uhr
AMC Bad Berleburg (Prädikat SI)